Remember, we've moved our show

to the

Pullman Square

100 Pullman Sq., Butler, Pa. 16001

Next Show

January 14 - 15


$8 Dollars adult admission, kids 12 and under $4
This covers both days of the show.

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Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM Sunday: 9 AM-4 PM


Please see our updated schedule for the 2017 season on the shows link.

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Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association

Our Mission to Gun owners

The purpose of the corporation is to disseminate information to its members and the public generally in regard to the construction, use, care, exchange, collection, exhibition and history of guns of all makes and type and to maintain and possess all of the necessary facilities for such purposes. 

To promote friendship by responsible persons in the collection, possession and use of arms of all types. 

To furnish materials and the forum for education, dissemination and exchange of arms and related materials: provide the means of education related to history, safe gun handling, requirements to fully comply with the law in all respects: and provide the opportunity for civilian, military and  law enforcement units to display and inform. 

To instruct the general public concerning arms and their legal use and interest them in the American tradition regarding the right to bear arms. 

To the extent permitted by law crusade against adverse and unfair firearm legislation which jeopardizes the honest citizens right to learn about, possess and use arms, and to support good legislation. 

To establish, uphold and promote the highest ethical standards of our activities.


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Note our new phone number is: (412) 486-1129.

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